With the booming growth of the parcel shipping industry – led by e-commerce – there is too much money at stake to not know how well you’re performing.

Carrier Performance

How is your service compared to your competitors? Our tracking data and audit algorithms can see the on-time delivery percentage of each carrier. Even how often they deliver packages late. This figure can be broken down by geography, service type, and more.

Lane Analysis

Who is the fastest? Or, most reliable? Or, cheapest? Any time there is an origin and a destination, that path is called a “lane”. We can review the product availabilities for specific lanes and tell you:

  • Which services carriers are offering
  • What the package transit times
  • How often packages for that lane are delivered late
  • How much the services cost

Price Benchmarking

How do your prices match up? We have access to the negotiated rates of several thousand shippers. We benchmark those rates to help you tell how yours match up. We can do this for negotiated rates and published rates.

Market Trends

We have shipping industry insights to inspire your next move. We see the parcel industry from a lot of different angles. Our data can help you understand how technology, plus how large and small shippers and carriers, affect market attractiveness.

Currently, We’re Watching

Parcel Lockers: Parcel Lockers have become a strategic product for major carriers. Among other things, we are watching where they go, how many are offered, and rate of implementation.

Transit Times: We’re comparing how quickly packages are delivered among the carriers.

Product Offerings: Ground; Express; Air; Two Day; One Day; Same Day- We are watching what services  carriers are adding and determining why.

How We Stay Up On Trends

Clean Data: The majority of our data comes from publicly available sources. We also subscribe to paid databases, and have a partner program where we receive data from 3rd parties.

Ears to the ground: You can find us at trade shows, absorbing industry news, and providing thought leadership

Relationships: We’ve been working with shippers and carriers for more than 10 years.

Sales Growth

We help you extract every drop from your revenue streams and excavate new ones.

Lead Acquisition

Begin nurturing your company’s future. Tell us about the customers who can grow your business. We’ll show you who they are.

Audience Segmentation

Find more of the segments of the target audience where you’re gaining the most traction. We’ll review your customer’s data to learn as much as we can, then we’ll identity new prospects who share similar characteristics.

Lead Validation

Close more sales. We’ll inquire with leads and arrange meetings with your sales team.